Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shirt Design Preview

Hello, all. JDRF has sent me a proof of my jersey for the Killington ride. It is adorned with the JDRF logos and has my sponsors' names on the back. I hope no one minds...I asked to have
my top donors listed on the shirt. Space limitations prevent all of my donors' names from appearing. It will be great having the names of so many friends an coworkers riding with me those 99.46 miles in August.

Training is progressing a bit slow for my tastes. Between travel, family obligations and nursing my knee, I have only managed 4 rides this month. However, I have now put almost 600 miles on my bike, and my longest ride to date is 48 miles. I need to be up to 75 miles in 1 month in order to stay on track. If my knee cooperates, I feel this is very do-able.

The route has been posted on the JDRF site. It was a long time coming. I have attached an image of the route from mapmyride.com. Check out the elevation profile. Oh, mama! The last 11 or 12 miles are going to be a test!

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