Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Down to the Short Rows

Only 18 days are left until the Ride to Cure Diabetes. I'm a little sad that we are nearly finished with the lead-up. I have only one training ride planned in the Tri Cities, and I will bike this weekend in Chicago while on vacation. That's it...then it is time to ship the bike. All that is left is to grow my hair out for the Mo!

Though the fun of the last few months will be missed, it will be awesome to roll off that start line and take on the final aspect of my goal. With God, anything is possible. I have Him, and all of you. I will draw on all of the words of encouragement you have shared as I climb the mountains and fight through the fatigue. I did on my 60- and 68-mile rides recently. I already know that you are as much a part of what I am doing as the cranks, gears, and chain. That is to say, you are essential on this endeavor.

It is true that I have grown through this experience and improved physically so that I am now in the best shape of my life. However, alone, I am still inadequate. With your help, dozens have united for one cause, raised nearly $5,000, and given Braeden and millions of others a leg up on Type 1 Diabetes. I could never tell you how happy that makes my family feel. Maybe you already know. I hope so. And, I hope you recognize the difference you are making.

THANKS, and stay tuned for reports from Killington, Vermont!!!

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