Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Month!!

27 days until Ride Day! Now is crunch time. First objective: reach my fundraising goal! Also: ride 280 more training miles (that'll require about 16 hours); pack and ship my bike; pack and ship my brother's bike; thank all of my donors; don't catch a cold; get plenty of sleep; don't get too excited that I can't sleep; and so on. There's a lot to come.  But, getting to this point has been an adventure.

Going backward chronologically, I participated in Kingsport's FunFest road cycling race yesterday and finished 16 of 39 in my division (yay for 50th percentile!). I broke down two weeks ago several miles from my car and got a lift from a great couple, George and Polly B.; they were wonderful and I really appreciate their kindness. I cycled 55 miles with my brother on a really special training ride. I crashed, skinned a few spots, and was offered help by and old farming couple. I snapped this photo before dusting myself off and pedalling away.

Our main man Braeden has been doing well.  He played his first 9 holes of golf a few weeks back and started 1st grade.  He celebrated his 6th birthday with style and has been building all sorts of things out of Legos, his most favorite toy.  He's growing up very quickly.  He has been taking a lot of ownership in his meal planning and insulin dosing.  He can tell you about safe and dangerous BGs.  He has stepped up big time, letting us know more frequently when his monitor beeps and voluntarily denying himself guava juice offered accidentally at breakfast once.  I am proud of the little man and all the ways he goes with the flow.

I'm really looking forward to the day that we can cure him.  On that day, we are going to party like crazy and celebrate for all of our friends who live with Type 1 and who will be offered a different future.  That day will come sooner with each dollar donated to JDRF.  Please help me hasten this day with your donation.  That's all I ask.  I ride, and you fund the amazing research that will delivery Braeden from the grips of Type 1 Diabetes.

Let's charge hard: August 18 is coming up quickly!!

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