Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Ride Comes to a Close

So, for me as well as for some 420 other cyclists, the La Crosse Ride to Cure Diabetes has come to a close. It is quiet in the bike room. The hotels in this college town, once completely full, stand empty. They offer echoes now in exchange for the din of exuberant riders yesterday. The whole town seems a bit like me: resting and silent in the splendid memory of the exertion of the weekend.

I can still hear the cowbells clanging their anthem. My muscles still feel a bit fatigued. The cool Midwest weather is almost as perfect as yesterday's. The Ride is a happy and young memory this evening.

Just as I can recall sharp details of nearly every mile, so too can I remember the many words of encouragement a great number of you shared with me in the run-up to the Ride. I also remember each donation and the way my total grew to eventually surpass the goal, no matter the size of the contribution.

My brother and I cycled 97 miles in a shade over 6 hours yesterday. We cherished our task of completing the ride. But what I cherish more is the significant and gracious manner in which you influenced diabetes research and the possibility of a cure for Type 1. That is ever so much more meaningful than anything John or I could do on a road bike.

The Ride is over. But the task of eradicating T1D looms still before us. Braeden will wake up tomorrow with T1D. And for as many days as he does, I will continue to be grateful for the difference you are making and advocate for a cure.

I have my sights set on a ride or two next year, should they be needed. First is Lake Tahoe. Second, and most exciting, is Nashville. 2013 will see the inaugural ride in Nashville, a town almost in my back yard. It is my dream to enlist a cadre of cyclists to join me there, as I would appreciate their participation and the opportunity to share the experience with them very much. So, be in thought about whether you might find your own personal Ride to Cure experience meaningful and fun. (I promise it would be. And I'll put fundraising money on that!)

That's all from La Crosse. A ride report and images will be up soon. So long.

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