Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Bug's Life

Two quick updates about the fundraising effort before a short account of recent training:
(i) Today you helped me reach 90% of my fundraising goal!!! There is less than $400 to go. WOW!

(ii) I will be sending a detailed email update to my d-list in the next several days that will include a link to a cool video I think you'll like. It highlights Braeden's experience with diabetes. I am excited about finishing the production and rolling it out to you.

Rides last month and in April have been great. The warmer weather really has spoiled me. I don't look forward to 90 degree temperatures, but I also think I would struggle in those 40 degree days I experienced in winter. Maybe these moderate days will last another full month or two.

With all of this moderate weather, I am getting a nice cycling-short tan. You know the one...everything north of the top of the knee is snow white. There are sharp lines that betray the happy homes of my shorts cuffs. I guess it beats a farmer tan. Like I say, there is a lot more sun with this better weather, but that is not all.

Now there are bugs, too! Holy heck, let me tell you how tough your car windshield is. It takes neither much speed nor size for a bug to leave a mark. And, a big bug--say a bumble bee--at 34 miles per hour can crater the flesh. It is very important to wear glasses while cycling for obvious reasons. But who knew that you needed a grille, too? Oh yeah, those little winged critters jet through the air intakes, too! And since I am most often breathing like a 747 at take-off, often the first indication of a breach is the sensation of a pointy little insect ricocheting off my uvula or rattling down my trachea. These little things get netted in my helmet, too. Heimlich the Beautiful Butterfly may be minding his business flitting around the north-bound lane one minute and then trying to figure out how to escape a maze of impact foam through a vent on my hat the next. So far, no humble bumble has gotten hung in the attic and tried to sting its way out. However, I think that will happen very soon.

Here's to creepy things on your scalp and warm sunshine! Thanks for the continued support, and be on the lookout for that video soon!

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