Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain = Slower, Cooler

Both yesterday and today I rode a portion of my distance in the rain. This is a first for me, and I'm glad it finally happened. Since there is no guarantee that the weather will be nice on Ride Day, being familiar with riding in weather, including wind, rain, and cold, gives me some confidence.

What did I learn? Staying cool is no problem when riding in the rain. Visibility is reduced quite a bit due to water droplets on glasses and the tendency to squint through the spray. Shoes get heavy once they are waterlogged. Cold rivulets probe your neck and back. The normal sounds of the bike are muffled or inaudible altogether, drowned out by the report of a million rain drops on the road, trees and rider. The water on the road and the extra weight on the bike act like a brake, slowing acceleration and dropping the top speed by a few mph.

Maybe we should all hope for some nice weather on 29 August in Killington!

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