Monday, February 1, 2010

DEATH VALLEY - 2010 Ride to Cure Diabetes

Since learning about the JDRF Ride to Cure, I have dreamt about making the journey to Death Valley California to ride at what many consider is the most stirring and provoking location offered. It may well be the most challenging location, also. Temperatures are often very hot and have been said to reach 105 degrees during the Ride in past years.

Registration opened earlier today for the 2010 ride, and I logged on early enough to grab one of the Death Valley spots. I couldn't be more excited, and it couldn't seem farther away. The ride will be October 16th. That's great, because it could be quite a busy summer, and I have a great deal of conditioning to do in order to be prepared!

Tonight, a heavy snowfall blankets the countryside, and temperatures are headed for 24 degrees. 105 degrees is hard to imagine. Whoa man, that's got to feel hot. But, hey, they say it's a dry heat. How bad could it be?

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