Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm in a Strange Land

It was 100 F when my roommate and I went out for a short shake down
ride. It honestly didn't feel how 100 is supposed to feel. It was more
like standing in front of the oven while holding the door open. I
drank 44 oz of water during the half hour we rode, and that didn't
start to slake my thirst.

The heat may have also been responsible for my first flat of the
trip. We are having to underinflate our tires to compensate for the
temperature of the road surface, which could easily be 150 F. When the
air in the tires heats up, the pressure increases accordingly. POP!

Nightfall brings relief in temperature, thankfully. At 8:30, it is
quite comfy out.

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  1. Amazing to think that we were there just 6 short days ago - totally understand how surprised you are at the impact these strange surroundings are having on your body. We found ourselves with an insatiable appetite for chapstick - the wind and heat seemed to suck us dry. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continuously! Can't wait to hear all about of your adventure. Lenore & Fred


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