Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(Only) Hours Away!

My journey to Death Valley will begin very soon.  I am excited.  People have been very kind to remember the trip, and I appreciate the many well wishes I have received here, on the eve of the big ride.  I hope to have some connectivity in Death Valley while at the hotel.  Maybe this will permit me to blog with some frequency.  Check back here occasionally for updates throughout the end of the week and the weekend. 

Braeden had a pep talk with me following my last training ride Sunday.  No doubting it, he's a ham for the camera. 

Thanks again, everyone, for the support and gifts to JDRF this year.  I am grateful for everything, especially this opportunity to help others and participate on behalf of a great cause.  Without each of my donors and the encouragement of so many, ...  Well, I don't have to think about what that would be like.  Let's go do this!!

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