Monday, January 24, 2011

Save it for the Ride

Type 1 Diabetes can be accomodating.  During these times, it lets you live comfortably and at ease.  You might even lose your fear of hypos and high sugars.  Othertimes, it decides to trounce your family and leave you reeling.  Either way, it often seems that you are coming from behind against this disease.  Playing on its terms, its home turf. 

Braeden was admitted in-patient Saturday for the second time in roughly 2 months.  Both occasions were courtesy of diabetes.  Both occasions were despite , mocking the notion that I, Jessica, you, or anyone can control diabetes.  As much as I am thankful that we have doctors on call--yes, half expecting to be needed at any moment!--and hospitals filled with materiel for any emergency, I am frustrated that Braeden faces his special challenges with only therapeutic treatment.

I'm frustrated.  Angry.  Motivated.  Overwhelmed. 

Save it for the Ride.  Save it for the Ride.  Save it for the Ride. 

2011 Ride to Cure Diabetes: Coming March 1

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