Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why we Ride to Cure

The Tucson Ride to Cure is ALMOST here!  6 days to go.

Early in the season, JDRF asked their Facebook followers to answer the question, "why do we ride to cure?"  Here are some of my favorite responses with credit given:

Cause no three year old should have to get used to being a pin cushion…plus cycling is much cooler than running or walking. – James M. Grosser

While they count carbs – you count miles. – Jim Chapin

Because living with T1 for even one day is one day too long. – Mary Gollings

It will make your life bigger. – Tim St. Clair

Because how hard could it be if you’re sitting down all the way? – Matt McHale

Because it’s a mother’s wish to just make it all go away. – Shelley Schnell

Because we get to kick T1D in the Jimmies! – Tim Ryan

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