Monday, January 12, 2009

JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes Update

I spoke last week to the JDRF Ride Coordinator about when registration would open for the 2009 rides. She indicated that it would only be a couple more weeks. I am waiting to seriously broadcast my fundraising efforts until I am registered for the Ride, because that is when I can build a fund raising page on jdrf's website and really get the machine running.

Presently I am planning to ride in the Killington, Vermont 105 miler. This is a new location for a JDRF ride. It is also the only ride in the eastern half of the States. Jessica and Braeden are tentatively planning to accompany me and cheer me on. It will be great to have them at the start line. It would also be great for Braeden if he could understand why those hundreds of cyclists will be cranking their way out of the gate! That will be a sight.

Stay tuned because I think it will be only a matter of days until my first Ride for the Cure campaign is officially underway!

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