Monday, February 23, 2009

Having a Blast

It is time I admit how much fun I am having getting ready for the JDRF ride. Part of it is the better weather. Part of it is my improving comfort and stamina. Whatever the reason, jumping on the bike for training rides has become a blast!

And, I ought to have a contest to see who can come the closest to guessing the number of dogs that will chase me next month without going over. Why the heck do dogs chase bicyclists anyway? It is amazing. I figure I must look like fleeing prey. But, maybe it's something else like the irresistable allure of whirring wheels or a John Travolta/Archangel "Battle" thing like from the movie Michael. What self-respecting terrier could face his mutt friends if he passed on an opportunity to topple the Great Wheeled Biped? I'm sure the dogs in my neighborhood dream about mixing it up at the Tour de France.

Regarding training, the JDRF folks have advised me they are going to put me in touch with the national coach for some expert guidance on the right way to do things. This will coincide nicely with longer days and more frequent suitable riding weather. I should have ample opportunity to get properly conditioned by August for the century ride barring injury or other setbacks. Through now, I have thoroughly checked out my equipment and gotten in better physical form so as to be ready for the serious work.

And, now it's off to the pantry for a snack. You gotta fuel the fire if you want to outrun those dogs. Quoth the canine, "Battle."

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