Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday Ride

The weather was awesome for riding today. 54 degrees, mostly sunny, and mildly breezy. From the forecast, I knew it was time to take off the fleece and plan a longer ride. Today I tracked down 33 miles of asphalt and beat the low energy gremlin that plagued me on a 28-mile ride in early January. And, instead of returning home on my route, I met Jessica and the boys at Willow Spring Park, which made the outing even more cool.

Braeden's new pump arrived and his sugars have been better since my last post. Nothing specific about the pump was ever found to be at fault. However, the blood sugar readings say something is not right. When blood sugars start to spiral out of control with a pump, there is a pretty long list of things to check: wobbled up infusion set; air bubbles in the cartridge or tubing; did the 4-year old let the diabetic drink his chocolate milk, etc. So we have to be thorough before we blame the $6,000 pump built like a flight data recorder. Hey, it turns out stuff breaks. It's all part of being dependant on a mechanical device.

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