Saturday, July 31, 2010


July has been a great month for the legs, heart, and lungs! I broke out this month covering over 330 miles during more than 20 hours on the saddle. There was my first road race, a 45-miler. And, my endurance training has passed 50 miles. However, it will still be a push to be ready for Death Valley in time.

I've met some great people. Thank you, Matt, Angela, and Tim for introducing me to an awesome cycling crowd in Greenville. The big group rides are really fun and like a whole new world for this guy who so often rides solo. My project team deserves a shout out, too! I had a blast tracking down pavement with Marla, Tom, Gene & Carlos.

I had a little bike trouble in July. I broke my rear brakeset in a tune up tragedy (rule still applies: if you have use force, you've already lost). With that repaired, I promptly suffered my first two flat tires, ever. I had ridden more than 1600 miles on the original tubes when one let go. I only managed to go 80 miles further before its replacement got "snake bit" when I bounced through a chuck hole. I HAVE to be more kind to my bike; it and I have a ways to go yet!

Donations are coming in!!! Last check on the JDRF site shows that we have raised $1,600! Some of you have pledged additional money. This is great! You all ROCK. Thank you for your donations.

In 2009, Boston College linebacker and NFL prospect Mark Herzlich was diagnosed with bone cancer. I was drawn in to his article in the August 9, 2010 edition of ESPN The Magazine. Mark has recovered and is doing a lot, including charity work and preparing to return to the field. He talks about all of the support, charitable contributions, and kids with cancer who contact him on Facebook. He recognizes that his suffering, and subsequent triumph, are an inspiration to others. He says, "When everyone is behind you, you realize everything you do is about more than yourself." I think Mark and Braeden have a brotherhood. At least, that is exactly the way I feel when I think about each of you, the way you support our little man, and the way your support benefits so many other people. Keep it up, and thanks for your dedication.

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