Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whew, Hot

It's mid summer, but it seems as though it's been decades since the mercury first boiled over the 90 mark, the bugs began singing all night, and the dog got her new summer coat. I can no longer recall the cold of winter. Nor can I imagine sledding in the back yard or ever needing four wheel drive to get to work. Unless the asphalt melts and gets to slick for my "old man" sedan.

The heat is a big challenge for me right now. I'm often fighting leg cramps near the ends of my rides, especially the long weekend spins. I've got to beat this. Anyone have any ideas? I just began alternating sports drinks with water on my rides (hasn't helped yet). I have been staying very well hydrated most hours of each day, whether I plan to ride sooner or in a few days time. I'm eating a fair number of bananas. I stretch.

I think I need to buy more water bottle cages.

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