Sunday, August 22, 2010

55 Days, $2700 To Go

Hey, folks! It's been a couple of slow training weeks for me due to travel last weekend and a disabled bicycle this weekend. My accrued mileage for this season stands at 791. I'm beginning to feel like A-Rod...only, it's "when am I going to reach 800?" Fortunately, I have a spare bike in Greenville. Oh yeah, and a new bike on order :-)

The ride is approaching very quickly and I need your support! I sincerely appreciate the many folks who have already given JDRF $2300. You all are great! Thanks!

In case it's been some time since you saw the slide show I put together in '09, I have posted it again here. First timers can get a really good sense of how Braeden's life is changed by Type 1 Diabetes and imagine the impact a cure will have.

Please keep those donations rolling in!

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