Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Don't Like It. It's Not Fair

"I don't like it. It's not fair." Braeden

Last Thursday evening was "set change night." This comes around every 3 days and is when we replace the infusion set that allows insulin to be delivered subcutaneously from Braeden's pump. The process involves prepping a site, holding Braeden still, and using an inserter to quickly plunge the cannula of the new set beneath the surface of the skin. The large gauge needle that supported the flexible cannula is removed from the tissue, and the cannula is held in place by an adhesive pad. Tubing connects the cannula to Braeden's pump.

We typically install the sets on Braeden's butt. However, after a couple of years of pokes, his cheeks are scarred, and some of the more recent wounds remain inflamed. It seems that, only 32 months into this, Braeden is already healing slower. This particular night, we decided to install the set on one of Braeden's thighs to give his butt a rest. Braeden didn't cotton to the idea. Set changes are painful, and he only politely tolerates the pokes in his butt. Braeden cried through the whole thing. Jessica and I were nearly in tears, too.

I hate this disease.

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